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Suwannee Pineview Elementary School Vision and Mission Statement

Suwannee Elementary School Vision Statement
The Suwannee Elementary School realizes that all children can achieve their full potential to become productive citizens when taught in a safe environment that provides high educational standards, nurtures every child, develops self worth, and provides the necessary skills for a successful life.

Suwannee Elementary School Mission Statement 
The family at Suwannee Elementary School collaborates for academic and social excellence creating lifelong learners throughout our building.  We promote life skills to respect ourselves and others in a safe and loving environment.

In our quest to reach this mission, we believe:
1.  Children are our future.
2.  All children can learn and achieve success in their own unique way.
3.  Education is a cooperative effort among parents, students, community, and educators.
4.  Parent participation is both vital and valued in the total educational process.
5.  All decisions are based upon what is best for all students.
6.  Communication and responsible choices are essential to our success.

Suwannee Elementary School Pledge
As a member of the Suwannee Elementary School family, I will be present and on time all day EVERY DAY.  I will be safe and responsible.  I will be courteous and respectful.  I will be prepared, and I will take pride in myself and my school.

School Information

Suwannee Pineview Elementary School

1748 South Ohio Ave

Live Oak, Fl 32064

Phone: 386 647-4400

Fax: 386 330-1215

School Hours: 7:55am-2:30pm

Drop off Starts at 7:30am.  There is a free morning and after school program for those that need extended time.

Breakfast and Lunch is served for free in all Suwannee County Schools.

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